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Dried flowers or dry flowers make an exquisite gifting idea for Valentine’s Day. It does break the convention of gifting fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day, but few things match the sense of warmth promoted by dried flowers and Sola wood flowers. The best part about dried flowers is that they are EVERLASTING, so doesn't that make a great gift to remind them of your everlasting love for them?

Sola or Shola Wood Flowers or  Aeschynomene aspera comes from tapioca plant root called Cassava. Making these beautiful handmade Sola flowers is an extremely tedious process. The very technical and artsy process of Sola Flowers goes this way:

1. The first step is collecting the stems of the tapioca plant. The Tapioca Plant stems looks like the below picture:

2. Once the bark is collected its cut into small pieces of approximately ten centimetres depending on the size of the flower that the

Flowers are the Nature's most divine creation. Flowers can make you happy by triggering your happy brain chemicals and are also instrumental in stimulating a sense of happiness and joy in your everyday life.
The Art Of Palm Spears

Palm Spear is one of the most trendy dried flower products.  There are a few types of products in the palm spear family which vary in shape and sizes such as Sun Palm Spear, Palm Spear Round, Mini Palm Spear, Jumbo Palm Spear, Mini Sun Palm Spear, and Jumbo Sun Palm Spear. To view the pictures of all the kinds of Palm Spear please visit:

These eternally beautiful, eco-friendly and trendy sticks are used in numerous ways. These beautiful